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LogiTron copies the world which is all that is the case.

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Digital Twin Era

  • You can register your digital asset on LogiTron using LogiTron NFT Unit (LNU)

  • You can maintain games on metaverse on your own. All the users and objects are inextricably intertwined with each other via LogiTron and LNU which is currency on the platform.
  • Simulation technology also gives rise to better digitalization of businesses. Users may carry out a pilot test or actual operation on the LogiTron network.
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    Andreas said,

    No single entity can manipulate the network, nor the community, and their communication in between

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    Angelia said,

    LogiTron is decentralized from its core architecture. You can expect the true democracy among LogiTronians

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    Michaela said,

    Developer-friendly doesn't mean it's only for developers, but also for light users provided with wysiwyg features to control powerful options at developer's level


Developer-friendly community

Standardized API and SDK is available for 3rd party developers who want to build their application on the fast, reliable LogiTron blockchain network.

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  • Token Circulation Start

  • Whitepaper, Homepage Open

  • Community Launch

  • LogiTron Scanner Launch

  • NFT Application Launch

  • Wallet Extension Distribution

  • 1st Party Game Launch

  • Mainnet Launch


Frequently Asked Questions


LogiTron NFT Marketplace

Unique asset or contract can be minted as NFT on the Logitron blockchain that will then be bound to a certain address denoting the owner of the asset. Those assets may play a role in the digital environment or work as a certificate for the tangible assets in the real world. NFT assets will also be traded in auction with price determined by natural supply and demand.

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TECH Specs


Token Circulation

LogiTron is currently released on Ethereum, Polygon network and fully comply with ERC20* standards.

LogiTron will be also bridged and circulated on other major blockchain networks soon.

  • Name :LogiTron
  • Type :ERC20
  • Symbol :LTR
  • Platform :Ethereum, Polygon
  • Total Volume : 30,000,000,000 LTR
Token address